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Philippine Passport as ID – Types and Uses Including Applying for Auto Pawn Loan

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The Philippines Passport as Primary ID

A Philippine passport is an essential document that helps many business, establishments, government offices, banks and lending companies know identity of any Filipino. Using that DFA-issued passport as an ID in filing for a loan to get necessary fund for personal, business, travel or emergency needs is now accepted nationwide. And although many other primary IDs are accepted by the above-mentioned institutions, still, a passport is one of the unquestionably accepted IDs to present. The primary reason is that it is very hard to tamper a passport. Trust factor is obviously another. A passport anywhere you may be in the world is still one of the most trusted document in identifying any individual.

philippine passportUsing Passport in Getting Loan

A very good source of fund is thru getting low interest loan in the Philippines. What best to get one by using your vehicle as collateral to apply for car pawn loan. This type of secured loan offers one of the lowest available interest rates in the Philippines today. Second to auto collateral loan is the real estate property loan. This specific loan uses an OR/CR as the primary requirement sometimes called as title. For the sake of information, this type of secured loan is also called “car loan without taking car” using only the OR/CR of your car, truck or taxi as collateral to get cash funds.

8 Major Uses of Philippine Passport as ID

Considered as one of the priority consideration for primary ID needs, Philippine passport had many other uses. Below is a shortlist of them both if you are a Filipino or a foreigner living, traveling, working or putting up a business in the country.

  1. Application for buying car
  2. Multiple business purposes – documentation, identification and ID requirement
  3. Government related transactions
  4. Travel
  5. National identity
  6. Missionary work
  7. Diplomatic work
  8. Banking
  9. Politics related issues

passport types3 Types of Philippine Passport

  1. Regular – Maroon colored passport issued to all Filipino citizens usually not related to government offices or politicians. This is more of a personal use passport for official and non-official travels.
  2. Official – Red colored passport issued to members of the Philippine government for use on official business. This passport is also issued to employees assigned to diplomatic posts like a work in any DFA office abroad but may not be members of the diplomatic service. It is also the type that is issued to the President of the Philippines and his family. This document may not necessarily extend the privilege of diplomatic immunity. On the contrary, government officials in possession are not allowed or prohibited from using this for non-official business because they also possess regular passports for this purpose. Validity extends up to 6 months only.
  3. Official – Dark Blue colored passport issued to members of the Philippine diplomatic service, service attachés of government agencies assigned to a particular diplomatic post usually overseas, the cabinet, Philippine delegates assigned to a duty for international and regional organizations abroad. This is also issued as one of the 2 passports for the President of the Philippines and his family. A diplomatic immunity goes along with the bearer of this particular passport.

As one of the uses mentioned above for a Philippine passport for getting a loan, if you stumble upon this post and you interested in applying for one, please click here. You may also want to know the step by step process on how to apply for a passport by reading our post  here - http://www.dfapassportphilippines.com/application/step-by-step-procedure-for-philippine-passport-application-based-on-experience-2012/.

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