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Your guide & tips to online passport application and processing in DFA Philippines.

Step By Step Procedure for Philippine Passport Application based on experience 2012

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In our call to provide both Pinoys and foreigners of foreign nationals a quick guide that will help them have an easy experience on their Philippine passport application, we have listed a list of the step by step procedures to undergo in the process of application to Department of Foreign Affairs Consular Affairs Passport Application Division.

Please do note that this guide is based from an actual experience that me, my wife and my daughter had for the whole process from the online appointment reservation system to the actual schedule of application stated in the appointment confirmation.

How to File your ePassport Application in DFA:

1. Make an online reservation at the official website – www.passport.com.ph. A confirmation will be sent to your via email. List down the details so you can be sure you have a copy with you in case your email fails to load or have a problem. Have your reservation for appointment kept in a safe, secure and easy to remember place. Don’t forget to encircle the calendar date in your wall calendar.

2. Prepare all necessary documentary requirements. Make sure and be 100 % sure about your documents. You can’t fail on this one because your schedule will be outdated if you have the wrong papers with you on the very day of the scheduled date you will appear to complete your Philippine passport application.

3. Ask close friends and other people and if possible, search on the internet for other people’s experience in applying for a passport in DFA. This will give you an overview of what to expect.

4. Try to look for the exact location of the new DFA building / office prior to your scheduled date. The Pasay City Libertad office no longer accepts application. They have transferred here – http://www.dfapassportphilippines.com/corporate/new-dfa-location-address/. This way, you can avoid the rush of getting lost dilemma on the very day. I’m sure you can’t afford to loose your schedule and have it reset.

5. Be sure to come in advance on the date and time of your exact appointment schedule. In our case, even if we are supposed to come over at 9:00 AM, we went to DFA even before 7:00 AM. We found out that they do allow early walk in applicants inside to process their passport application. If this happens, you will have a headstart over the others who fall on the same date as your scheduled date is. You will also be able to avoid the very long line and waiting dilemma. In the first place, you have nothing to loose but a couple of hours and you still get to be on the first slot of the line.

6. Processing Window – Be sure to fall in line in the right place. By this time, I suppose that you have arrived at the DFA building. Go to Gate 2 and proceed to the individual processing area at the ground floor. Be sure that you have your completely filled up application form with you and your complete set of documents with your appointment schedule.

7. Payment – Proceed to the cashier at the 2nd floor and pay the appropriate processing fee. Seek for the posted fees and charges for each corresponding category which may either be for passport renewal, new application and lost passport and be prepared to say if you want an express or rush processing, regular or (see) lost passport additional fees. (see pricing below)

Passport Fees and Charges: (updated 2012)

  • Regular Processing: Php 950.00 (15 working days)
  • Rush Processing: Php 1,200.00 (7 working days)
  • An additional fee of Php 200.00 will be charged for processing of Lost Passports if it is still valid.

8. Enrollment – After paying to the cashier, you will be given a queue number. Wait until your number is called by listening to the speakers and taking a look at a display number appearing in the LCD (in red) with an assigned encoder for data capturing and ephoto.

9. Schedule of Releasing / Delivery – At this point, you will have to choose which delivery option you want. You may opt in for delivery services of the DFA via LBC. This is a door-to-door delivery service for a minimal fee of additional Php 120.00 (2010 update). Or you may choose to pick it up in person wherein you will be given your date schedule and time by the final table for enrollment.

Tip: If I were you, i’d rather have it picked up personally.

Many Pinoys and passport applicants are having a hard time via the delivery because if you fail to be there to receive it, it will be either returned or get lost somewhere inbetween the process of delivery.

Also if you opt in for the door-to-door delivery and you want somebody else to receive it for you on your behalf, you will have additional liability of obtaining documentary requirements for the receiving end such as updated IDs and your letter of authorization duly notarized by a lawyer with your own personal updated ID.

Again, if the receiving end fails to be there when the delivery of your passport comes, they won’t be waiting there for you or the receiver, they will have it either returned and / or you get your document lost somewhere in the process of delivery.

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