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Because we all know that many if not all Philippine government agencies have their shortcomings and flaws in the system of serving Filipinos all over the world, we created this page exclusively so that Pinoys can have a place where they can share all bad experiences, specifically, abuse of authority in processing and application of a Philippine passport in any of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) branches.

May this page help us all in cleaning corruption, lack of good services and shortcomings of public service employees in the government and may this page serve as a learning medium as well as a notice that there is always room for improvement in the service of passport application in the Philippines as well as other government services today.

May we all benefit from positive and constructive comments to be put in this page and may the right people see and learn about these problems so that proper actions may take place as soon as possible for a better government service in the Philippines.

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The author of this page does not intend to demoralize or affect in any negative way those who will be namedropped on this page including but is not limited to the DFA or the whole organization of the said agency.

The author may or may not approve any comment deemed not intended for the benefit of improving the service of the passport issuance in the Philippines.

That no comment found in any part of this website or page is part of the author’s responsibility for whatever effect it may incur to all or any. All comments on the other hand are of intellectual property rights to their respective owners and commenters wherein the author of this page does not warrant any accuracy of. Therefore, we at www.dfapassportphilippines.com and it’s webmasters and authors will not be held responsible for any damage that a comment may affect today or in the near future which might be but is not limited to legal, moral, intellectual, social, personal, corporate and so on.

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